Withoutabox outage

Hi DIY Filmmakers, apparently Withoutabox had a glitch, and films that were submitted between Oct 25th and Nov 2nd were lost in the path of Hurricane Sandy. Here's the email we got this morning from our partners at WITHOUTABOX.COM:

Dear Withoutabox Customer

  On November 1st, our site experienced an outage which unfortunately resulted in the loss of data submitted from the afternoon of October 25th to the evening of November 2nd. You have been identified as a customer whose data was affected by this outage. Any changes made to your account during this time will need to be resubmitted; additionally, any submissions made during this time have been unintentionally deleted from the system.

Wow. Where did they get their tabulating machines from; Ohio?
Flavio Parenti accepted his award from Rome at last year's fest.
No glitches happened here.

Now, they may just be referring to films that individual filmmakers might have submitted (hence why its addressed to customer and not "film festival") - and if you submitted a film and you got this email from them, then you might look into it.

If we read this correctly it seems to imply if you submitted your film between the 25th and the 2nd, they have no record of it.  However, if your film finds its way to our PO Box in Santa Monica (DIY Film Fest, PO Box 248, Santa Monica, 90406) we will contact you if we can't find you in the withoutabox system (our chosen method for film submissions).  So not to fear, no need to resubmit - hopefully your DV has an email address/contact number that we can access and get in touch with you if there's a problem.

If you don't hear from us, you can contact us anytime at - sorry for the glitch, but what can you do? Glitch Happens. 

If you did receive a notice from Withoutabox letting you know your film was entered, no need to worry, no stress, you're "in consideration" as they call it.  If you have submitted your film to our festival and not received a notice, please email us at and include the Withoutabox submission entry #.  Thanks.

DIY Fest Winners from 2011. Not a glitch among them.
And please, on behalf of all those who fought for our rights: don't forget to vote!

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