Interview with Best Director Ibrahim Nada of "Zaar"

Ibrahim Nada is from Alexandria, Egypt. He edited his winning film on Adobe Premiere.


Thank you so much for a great news. Please find below the answers for the questions.


1.     What was your first conscious memory you’d be making films at some point in your life?

When I watched "The Godfather."  I felt its so cool to make something like this and that's how I started living the dream to be a director.

2.     Why did you want to tell this particular story?

It's a problem and we live it everyday now. We don't know how to stop it for some reason, so I decided to raise a question!

3.     Where was your film made?

Los Angeles.

4.     Who contributed the most to the success of your film?

We are one team, and everyone made this happened, so the TEAM of ZAAR is the main contributor.

5.     If you could give advice to a filmmaker hesitating on picking up a camera to tell their story, what would it be?

YOLO, lol just shoot the damn film!

6.     What films or filmmakers most influence you in your lifetime?

"The Godfather," "Incendies" (by Denis Villeneuve), "Schindler's List," David Fincher, Francis Ford Coppola, Akira Kurasawa.

7.     What’s your next project going to be?

I'm writing a feature now about a journey of a family from Syria to Germany.

8.     Your acceptance speech for this film, what would you like to let people know about the film, about you, or about those who helped you in your journey in life?

Thank you so much for such a great honor for choosing ZAAR for two awards. (Best Student Film, Best Director) This is one of the best addition to our festival run and very memorable to our team. 

Thank You! :) 

I had the most talented people around me on set that pushed me everyday to bring the best out of me. 


Thank You so much. 

Ibrahim Nada

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