Back to School!!!

It's that time of year again... going back to school.

You might be going to film school for the first time.  

You might be going to film school for the last time.

You might be not going to film school at all....

A former DIY Film Fest winner
But something tells you to pick up your camera and document the world around you.

A former DIY Film fest winner
Or something tells you to pick up your camera and create a world that you see in your mind, a world that is a lighter, better place... or a world that is a darker, scarier place - either way, something compels you forward to write a story, or find a story, and then the passion to make that idea into a film.

You could be aiming for a long career in the film business, and looking for an outlet for your creativity.

Don't let that stop you.

A former DIY Film Festival winner, Cody Blue Snider
is directing feature films now.

There's a story about a great British filmmaker Alan Parker who "swapped the camera for the canvas." 

Former director Alan Parker
Alan Parker: ‘The last three years have been the most enjoyable of my life.’
Photograph: Rii Schroer/REX/Shutterstock

Alan Parker tired of trying to get his films made.  This is an award winning director who just got sick and tired of waiting for his calls to be answered or the phone to ring. So he went back to art school.

He'd already achieved the pinnacle of his career in the film business.  But wasn't being creatively fulfilled. He got tired of "playing the game." So he shifted gears.

After all, you can't keep filming up until your last day on the planet - although it seems as if that might be the case - but in general, there's a reason you want to keep creating, keep working at your creativity.

And in this case, the filmmaker learned how to silk screen.

And now his works are being exhibited in the best galleries in London.  He's that good at this new direction in his career.

If you think of film as an end in itself, once you get to the film, you're at the end.

If you think of film as an outlet for your creativity - then you're always at the beginning.

DIY Film festival winner Christine McCarthy

So pick up a camera, point it in a direction, see what moves you.  If you feel moved to document a story of someone you know and love, do that. If you feel the desire to document a story about someone or something that bothers you, do that as well.

In Sir Alan Parker's case, he grew tired of the process, but retained his passion for story telling.  Nowadays, that translates into "picking up a camera and telling a story about someone or something that moves you."
A DIY Film Festival winner

Late in life, the great director Sydney Pollack picked up a digital camera and made a documentary about his friend Frank Gehry. 

It wasn't a traditional piece, and it didn't follow a traditional release pattern of all the other films Sydney had made. Not mainstream. But mindstream.  It moved him, so it was worth his time and effort.

It was just Sydney and a tiny crew filming people he knew.  He didn't make it for money. He made it for fun.

You just never know what the end game is going to be, so follow whatever moves you.

If you feel the need to show a story that moves you, knowing that it will move others, do that.  Ask for help from your friends, colleagues, from your teachers.  The whole planet is your backdrop.  The theater is right in front of you.

Pick up the camera.

Make a film.

Tell your story.

*this feel good message about creativity brought to you by the DIY Film Festival, where we try to honor and focus on those films made outside any normal distribution system, done with a passion or desire to tell a story.*