Interview with Wasly Castillo Best Student Film

To whom it may concern,

   Im so sorry to be getting these interview questions back so late to you as I am currently in production of another film and rarely have free time, but thank you so much for the honor of best student film for "After the Rayne" it was truly a labor of love.

1.     What was your first conscious memory you’d be making films at some point in your life?

   This was probably at around 11 or 12 years old when my uncle first handed me his home video camera and asked me to shoot a family function. It was a lot of fun and I remember being really proud of the finished product and watching as my family reacted to all the footage.
2.     Why did you want to tell this particular story?

     I wanted to tell this story because often times when tragedy strikes, adults think that children should be kept away or protected. I wanted to show that sometimes that's not the best answer and that although young, kids can have a deep understanding of emotion and the human condition. It's important to include them. 
3.     Where was it made?
     The movie was made in New York City, Queens and The Bronx to be specific.
4.     Who contributed the most to the success of your film?
     That would have to be my producer, Maria Florencia Smith. From casting to locations, budgets and even kraft! She was a super hero! Without her, this film would not have been possible.
5.     If you could give advice to a filmmaker hesitating on picking up a camera to tell their story, what would it be?
        As hard as it seems, don't hesitate. Filmmaking can be daunting, but always remember that your favorite filmmakers had to start somewhere too. Your stories matter and what you have to say is important, so say it loud! Pick up the camera and shoot! Then send me a link when its done haha
6.     What films or filmmakers most influenced your work?
      Anything Sean Baker makes is always an inspiration, he's one of the guys who along with Robert Rodriguez didn't wait his turn, he just got out there and started making his movies. Barry Jenkins, Guillermo Del Toro and Luis Buñuel have also influenced my stories. 
7.     What’s your next project going to be?
      My next film is a movie called "Amor de Madre" a very personal story about a mother who will do anything to protect her son.
8.     Your acceptance speech for this film, what would you like to let people know about the film, about you, or about those who helped you in your journey?
        I would just like to say thank you to everyone involved. Dolce Demce who was amazing as Rayne. Stephanie Jennings who was so honest as Jessica and Brian Reilly who played Robert with the subtly yet power of a true performer. This film would also not have been made without the support of St. John's University, and in particular the director of the film program Alla Baeva, and numerous other professors who helped along the way. This film, as are most, was a labor of love, everyone involved from the PA's to my phenomenal producer Maria Florencia Smith and my DP Ganeesh Genus, to my mother who allowed us to use her home, all came together to tell a story we all loved. That's what filmmaking should be, people coming together to tell stories they all believe in. Thank you.
9.  What camera and editing system did you make this film with?
    We shot on the Sony A7sII in 4K and edited using Adobe Premiere.

10. Have you ever tried Pinnacle products or tried online distribution?  (They are both sponsors, Pinnacle and FilmHub, so it’s helpful to hear from you about this kind of information.)

     I have not! But I am very excited to try them out, thank you so much to Pinnacle and filmhub! Looking forward to working with both those great companies in the future! 

 All the best,
         Wasly Castillo

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