DIY Film Festival's New Sponsor: Kinonation

DIY Film Festival is proud to announce a new sponsor for our film festival!

Kinonation is a wonderful place for do it yourself filmmakers who’ve made award winning films to get distribution for their films. The grand prize winners from the festival will have an automatic window to sign up with Kinonation for distribution. The Winners in each category will also be eligible for distribution from Kinonation.

It’s not an exclusive contract, so there’s no fear of being tied up with one particular company.  You’re free to continue submitting your film elsewhere, but while you’re doing so, your film could be generating a revenue stream to pay for the festivals themselves.

We at the DIY Film Festival encourage filmmakers to find innovative new ways to get their work into the marketplace, or into the public eye. If you search our web page you'll find articles about DIY distribution, DIY filmmaking and DIY creativity.  We're only limited by our imagination, and while we're working on our next project, it makes sense to find a home for our last one!

Kinonation has taken all the stress of figuring out how to put your film in the marketplace, was created by a group of filmmakers with extensive distribution and filmmaking experience.

Kinonation also has distribution agreements with Hulu and Amazon Prime, and a host of other online resources, and can help guide your film into the world of online distribution.  You’ll be surprised at the number of outlets available for filmmakers to make money for their hard work and labor, and having checked into a number of various distribution entities and believe that their distribution offer of 80% for the filmmaker, is the best we’ve found.

The DIY Film festival is proud to announce this new relationship with Kinonation. For more information on how their distribution model works, check out

Filmmakers & production companies
Sell & stream your title on Hulu, iTunes, Amazon and many others
Whether multinational studio or indie filmmaker, Kinonation – distribute directly to Digital Service Providers (for example Video-On-Demand outlets) and other business partners, manage your catalogs, promote your titles and create digital revenue around the world.

How it works
1 You upload

Upload your titles and trailers using our unique Upload Manager. Add artwork and enter metadata. Easily resume uploads with unlimited file sizes, and parallel uploads from several locations – making the upload fly!

2 We transcode
Your video assets are transcoded into many formats as required by our digital outlets, for example iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and many more.

3 We author

Our system also prepares the artwork and "metadata" files which describe your title. Then we package everything into outlet-specific delivery bundles.

4 We distribute
Your title - including metadata, trailer & images - is automatically delivered to the chosen VOD outlets. They review the package and make their selection.

5 They watch

Consumers rent, buy or stream your film to their HDTVs, home theater systems, game consoles, Blu-Ray players, streaming players, computers, phones and tablets.

6 You get paid

We consolidate accounting from all outlets, and create convenient online reporting for you. The outlets pay us, we keep our 20% share, and you can withdraw your revenue anytime.