Saman Kesh's "Controller" Picked up by Fox

We at the DIY Film Fest like to honor and celebrate DIY Filmmakers when they knock one out of the park.

Saman Kesh is a filmmaker who has taken his talents in DIY Filmmaking to the next level.

And his "Proof of Concept" film has just been picked up for development at Fox.

"Whiplash" - the multiple award winning film was developed through the Sundance lab, beginning as a short film and then developed into a feature. It's known as a "Proof of Concept" but that term is a catchphrase from the people who bought it - it's just a good short film to begin with.

Whiplash 2013 Short Film by patates-puresi
(Here's the original short film for "Whiplash" at 18 mins by director Damien Chazelle)

It's a new world that has opened up for the DIY Filmmaker as studios are now looking for, interested in, and working with filmmakers who make a "Proof of Concept" short films that could be enlarged into feature film form. In fact some producers are asking for, insisting upon a filmmaker creating a "Proof of Concept" for their idea, as it makes it that much easier to sell. 

It doesn't have to win film festivals, as we'll see from the film below.  It just has to be good. 

The idea is to shoot a scene from the film that displays what the overall concept of the story is, but the scene or short film plays as a story itself.  (Which good writing usually does).

So if you're thinking of making a larger picture, but can't afford to put your vision the way you see it into a larger film at the moment, the trend (in Hollywood anyway) is to pour all your efforts into the ten-twenty minute short film which will serve as a "Proof of Concept."  The benefit is that you get to work out the bugs of the story, as well as explore avenues that might not have made it into the film.

Without further ado, or adieu, here is Saman Kesh's proof of concept film "Controller" which has been picked up by Fox Studios.  It's really fun to watch and easy to understand why it will soon be a major motion picture.  Good luck to all you DIY Filmmakers and thanks to Saman for posting it on Vimeo!

CONTROLLER (控制者) from Saman Kesh on Vimeo.


The 14th year of the DIY Film Festival

We at the DIY film festival just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you... for choosing to make films. And for choosing our festival to show them.

Prizes are given from Pinnacle Editing Systems

We just wanted to give a shout out to you DIY Filmmakers who've chosen to work in film to express yourselves.. There's an old saying "You don't always pick up a paintbrush to pay the rent." Meaning - sometimes it's just fun to create art.

Here's a sampling of the notes we've gotten from filmmakers along with their entries for the last season:

"Film is my passion. Upon entering College, I have realized that the art of visual media is what I want to dedicate my entire life to. My dream is to create films that have some sort of significant impact on somebody's life."  submitted by CM, student.

"This was the first film I ever directed and it is one of the most memorable experiences I've had on set. I wrote the story as well, which was inspired by my personal life... I hope this film has the opportunity to screen at your festival and reach a wide audience!"
submitted by TZ, student

"I was delighted to find your festival, and I hope to make it my next excuse to visit LA. I can't imagine it gets more DIY than this" RI Documentary filmmaker

"This is the most recent short from the Director who won Best Short Comedy two years ago at the DIY. Hope you like this mockumentary about filmmakers!" 
submitted by CW

Having always dreamed of both making a film and hitting the highway for a year, we finally killed two birds with one road trip:   In 2011 the four of us traveled the US in an RV, home schooling the kids, while learning the ropes and shooting an original feature along the way...  John turned his talent with paint to the Canon 5D, using the lush mountains, craggy coastlines and dry landscapes of the American desert as his canvas.  He wrote a score to accompany the images; he learned Final Cut.  We act in it; we all worked the sound.  And we wrote a story that would work in tandem with our adventures on the road...
Feature film submitted by TP

"I'm submitting my first film for consideration in the DIY Festival. This self-financed, self-produced film, tells the story of the 2009 Winterover crew at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. I had the privilege of being a chef on station from October 2008 to November 2009 and I was able to take my camera and film for the entire year..." 
Documentary submitted by KR 

We look forward to seeing your films and good luck with all of them! Keep up the good work, and keep doing it yourself.  And thanks for letting us take a look at them!!!