DIY Outdoor screening July 5th

It was a wonderful evening under the stars.  Attendees were gifted a small trinket from, and an immaculate screen and terrific surround sound dolby sound system.  Nestled in a patio next to umami burger (listed by many as the best burgers in LA) movie goers were treated to a tasty sampling of the 2011 DIY Film festival winners.
Christine Elise in "Bathing & The Single Girl"

There was John Tupper's "On the Rise" to start things off, then some of the various great shorts like Jesse Griffith's "Cockpit," starring Ronny Cox, "Bathing and the Single Girl," Christine Elise's debut film, Johnny Ma's dark and thrilling "The Robbery" and Cody Blue Snider's tour de force "All That Remains."
umami hollywood's patio

With the CNN tower keeping the screen backlit with its omnipresent red scrawling logo, it was remarkably better than some of LA's great outdoor viewing venues; less chaotic than Century City's outdoor series, better sound and screen luminosity than Santa Monica's Pier series. A steady stream of diners and movie goers were treated to some excellent viewings, which they put on every Tuesday night.

The DIY Film Fest is hosting another screening the night of July 23rd, so stay tuned to this page for further information.  Thanks for coming out, and we'll see you at the next screening!!!