The List of Finalists for the 2017 Film Festival!

First we'd like to thank all the filmmakers who have submitted their films to the DIY Film Fest!

Looking for the right shot.
We do our best at the DIY Film Fest to honor films from across the globe that embody the spirit of the festival - just picking up a camera and filming something that moves them.

Each year, we get submissions from across the globe, and this year was no different.  We have entries from Lebanon, Iran, India, Bulgaria, Guatemala and Nepal - from New York to California and all points between. It's thrilling to see the depth and breadth of the stories submitted.

High fins all around.



"Waiting on Mary" - Comedy
Directed by Corey Horton. “An actor in denial of his recent divorce retreats into the persona of a colonial scout and explores his new futuristic landscape.” 

"Come to the Show" - Comedy
Directed by Jigmae Baer “A couple of bored punks decide to go on a crime spree in New York's underground art scene and accidentally summon a demon.” 

"Confidence of a Tall Man" - Drama
Directed by Michael McCallum. "On the 50th Anniversary of his father's failing business, Tommy has a lot on the line. He's hoping to get interested parties to take it off of his hands."


"Monster Monster"
Directed by Kuan-Fu Lin. "While building models, a nerd, Gary, accidentally spills toxic glue on his favorite T-Rex with disastrous results.”  

Directed by Lizze Gordon. "Circle, circle. Dot, dot. Don't forget your Cooties shot."

"Greetings from Tinseltown"
Directed by Joe Warren. "In Hollywood, a junkie looking for his next fix and a stoner Uber driver explore the grimy underbelly of the iconic American neighborhood."

Directed by James Durham. "In a post-apocalyptic world where every drop of water could be their last, a young girl and her uncle struggle to survive against all odds."

"Thank you Lisa"
Directed by Roy Arwas. "Lisa follows her terminally ill mother through her last day and has to come to terms with her decision to help her mother end her life by physician's assisted suicide."


"Cycle of Change" 
Directed by Sarah Frei. "Moved by the lack of opportunity for women and youth in her community Reina, a young woman from El Salvador ventures to Guatemala to study pedal-power technology in hopes of finding her life purpose and changing the lives of the people in her community."

"Save Gangamaya" 
Directed by Gopal Shivakoti   "A mother and father in Nepal go on a hunger strike to get justice for the murder of their son.  The authorities don’t want to investigate, but the death of his father forces them to investigate.  When their efforts flag, Ms. Gangamaya Adhikari goes back on hunger stike, determined to follow her husband as local media and leaders try to talk her out of her protest.

Directed by Hassan Fouad. Documentary shot in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. "A handicapped refugee establishes a sports club in the Buss Refugee camp where he trains three generations of footballers, some of them who have become stars in the Lebanese football league." 


"2 Guineas"
Directed by Brett Guida, Albert Oppedisano
"Two skinny guinea pigs prove they have what it takes to climb up the ranks of the mafia underworld." 

Directed by Yixing Li, Yixuan Luo (Maisie)   
"A young man dreams of flying with his own wings. He builds a cottage, studies birds, repeatedly jumps off a cliff with artificial wings. But his last jump brings an unexpected result.

"The Grid: Zombie Outlet Maul"
Directed by Linda Andersson. "Electrical devices come to life after a nuclear power plant explosion." 


"A New Promise" 
Directed by Christina Dodge. "A young woman makes a innocent mistake while trying to navigate the process of figuring out what is best for her."

"An Ancient Problem and a Young Man" 
Directed by Yixing Li.  "A young man confronts with the old question 'Why and how should one live?' He struggles to find the answer.  

"Human Sexuality" 
Directed by Vivian Zingleman  "An infatuated college student recounts his awkward love story to his best friend."   

Directed by Ibrahim Nada "A suicide bomber enters a diner to blow himself up but as he listens and interacts with the innocent people around him, he begins to question his decision."


Directed by Stoyan Nikolaev (Bulgaria) "He is 64-year-old gipsy, she is 74. In a Black sea village they met at old age for a long and happy life."

Directed by Baha Jamali (Iran)  "A man breaks up with his girlfriend, then experiences what might have happened had he spoken differently."

"Day Off" 
Directed by Aidin Pedari (Iran). "A young pizza delivery man takes a day off to go out with his dying dog, then he faces surrealistic and poetic moments around him."


This year, our 14th year as a festival, we've made the decision to go entirely online with submissions and honoring the filmmakers. In lieu of a year-end-party that was difficult, if not impossible to gather filmmakers from across the globe, all winning entries will be featured online, and if possible, the trailer or winning films itself (if the filmmaker desires) will be posted. We will also explore the story of how their winning film came into being. (Their "acceptance speech" will be excerpted in the online description of the films.)  

We will be asking winning filmmakers who should be thanked in public, but also the story of how their film came into being - as sometimes that story can be as fascinating as the film itself.  By having the filmmakers share their story - the way they would at any podium - gives everyone a chance to experience and share in the thanks and credit of those who helped make the film. It's an unusual solution to the age old question of how to honor do-it-yourself filmmakers in a do-it-yourself fashion. 

Prize winners will be announced soon or by the end of the month. Their individual replies (acceptance speeches/stories) will be edited and posted along with the results as well. (Depending on the editing process).

As in previous fests, the prize winners will be awarded editing software from Pinnacle Editing Systems (an excellent beginning editing software that is easy to use, and if the filmmakers want to donate their software to a school or another filmmaker, they have the option to do so). (As noted below, Pinnacle is not a "sponsor" of the festival, and is not involved with the choice of finalists. However, they generously donate their software for us to distribute to the winning entries.) All Winning films are eligible for distribution through our sponsor KinoNation and all winning films will receive a suitable-for-framing winner's certificate.  

Again, thanks for submitting to the festival, and we wish you the best of luck with your film and your career. If you're film didn't make the finalists, it's likely because of the crowded entry in its field, but there are many outlets, many festivals, and we encourage filmmakers to seek them out as well. We encourage everyone to take up their camera and begin to document/tell a story that moves you, that comes from the heart, that can move other hearts and minds as well.