Interview with Corey Horton "Waiting on Mary"

Thank you so much! I'm honored to win the "Best Feature Film" at your festival. 

1. I remember grabbing my dad's old video camera and some of the action figures I had and making stop-motion movies in my living room. It was a great way to experiment with  making my own stories. From then on I decided i wanted to become a filmmaker. 

2. I think this story is an entertaining and light hearted approach to the concept of creating a new beginning for yourself. I think it's a relatable idea and something that I feel we should embrace in our own lives. 

3. The movie was shot in Saint Petersburg, Florida. 

4. It would be hard to pinpoint one person who made the film a success as everybody involved made it a success. But if I had to pick one person it would be our lead actor and fellow producer Brian Shea. Brian is the life of the story and the reason that people become invested in the premise of the movie.

5. I think the best advice is to go out and start creating a story. Don't let yourself be intimated by expensive cameras, big crews and lack of reputation. You only get those things by learning and giving yourself the experience necessary to grow as a storyteller. 

6. One film that I really enjoyed and felt influenced me was "Defending Your Life" by Albert Brooks. It was such a heartwarming and humorous take on an issue that is often difficult for many people to think about. Also the fact that he directed, wrote and starred in it was something I found very impressive. 

7. I'm currently working on an animated series that I hope to have done in the next year or two. It's still in the planning stages but i'm very excited about the progress i've made as well as the script. 

8.  On behalf of the entire Waiting on Mary team, I want to thank the DIY Film Festival for recognizing our film as the Best Feature Film. From the beginning we wanted to tell a compelling yet quirky story that focuses on how a person loses his or her identity when faced with life-changing events and show how denial transforms who we are and how we deal with new realities. 

We were very fortunate to have an amazing group of talented dedicated storytellers from both sides of the camera lens involved in our film to help make it a reality. We hope you get a chance to experience and enjoy this story as much as we enjoyed creating it. 

Thank you again! 

Corey Horton

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