DIY Film Fest winner Cody Blue Snider wins Austin Short Film Festival

It's always good to trumpet DIY filmmakers' successes. 

Cody Blue Snider

In this case, our 2011 festival winner COY BLUE SNIDER has won the short film category of the Austin Film Festival (which makes his new film eligible for Oscar consideration)  Congratulations Cody from your pals at the DIY Film Festival!!!! Continued success!!!

Here's another look at his film All That Remains which won the festival that year....


ALL THAT REMAINS - Directed by Cody Blue Snider

Synopsis: Cody Blue Snider tells the powerfully disturbing story of a WW2 Veteran with dementia, endlessly suffering in a confused world of the past, present and a lifetime of painful losses with Death as his only companion. When salvation presents itself in the form of a compassionate hospital nurse, a glimmer of hope is rekindled in the joyless old man’s heart. It all comes crashing down when the old man becomes convinced that Death intends to take this simple joy away from him as well. To end his misery, he strikes a deal with Death to wipe out a gang of mobsters, only to find Death has no master …and his own salvation. (from All That Remains site)

We've seen his latest film FOOLS DAY and it's equally brilliant.

Austin Film Festival Announces Jury and Screenplay Awards

Audiences still have chances to catch screenings


Beside Still Waters
Beside Still Waters
Though the 20th anniversary Austin Film Festivalruns through Thursday, Oct. 31, you don't have to wait for some of the biggest news.
The festival announced the winners of its annual screenplay and teleplay competition, as well as who's taking home jury awards, this afternoon. Keep an eye on all these winners, but especially the screenplay winners, who have been known to bring their final films back to AFF for premieres, as in the case of this year'sCoffee, Kill Boss. Check out the full slate below, and congratulations to all!

Jury Awards

• Dark Matters Feature: OXV: The Manual (W/D: Darren Paul Fisher)
• Young Filmmakers Program Competition Grand Prize: "HB" (D: Imogen Pohl)
• Narrative Student Short: Pistachio Milk (D: Avram Dodson)
• Documentary Short: "Blinde Liefde (Blind Love)" (D: Jenny van den Broeke)
• Animated Short: "A Cautionary Tale" (D: Erica Harrison)*
• Narrative Short: "Fool's Day" (W/D: Cody Blue Snider)* 
• Documentary Feature: Political Bodies (D: Christopher Englese)
• Narrative Feature: Beside Still Waters (W/D: Chris Lowell)
*Note: AFF is an Oscar-qualifying festival for shorts, which means the Narrative and Animated Shorts winners are eligible to be nominated for an Academy Award this year.

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