Happy 2013 from the DIY Film Fest!!!

Wow. Time flies when you're having fun.
Tapping a wrist; universal sign for "Hurry Up!"

Speaking of TIME - it's getting to be that time of year as we gear up for the annual DIY Film Festival Gala at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood in March.

But first things first... the DIY FILM FESTIVAL will accept entries up until Monday Feb, 11th, 2013 - finalists will be notified by or around Feb 18th to give filmmakers who can attend the gala, time to get their reservations in order.

We are an annual fest which presents screenings at local venues during the year, and then a screening of finalists prior to the Gala and then excerpts are shown at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - (if you're film arrives after the deadline, it will be rolled over into the following year's fest.)  We've had some amazing winners that have submitted their films the last day of the festival, as well as the first day of the festival.  Not to worry, but if you're film is ready, now is the time to submit it. Our submission address (which is listed at WithoutABox.com, our exclusive way to enter the festival).  But if you lose the address, or misplace it:


Deep Roy gettings his 2011 film award at the Roosevelt
We have some amazing films from around the world this year - from as far away as India and Romania, from young and old filmmakers across the country and planet who felt the desire, need and passion to tell a great story.  Each year we honor some amazing films, amazing filmmakers.  AVID has been sponsoring us for a number of years now, and a million thanks for their support.
We haven't had a youtube cat film yet - there's still time!.

Roosevelt Gala of 2012
So if you're film is nearly finished, get to work!  Be courageous, be daring, have fun.  Take a look at some of the amazing entries that are posted along this page - they're fantastic films, dramas, shorts, comedies - from all stripes, from all walks of life.  DIY filmmakers follow the tenet that an artist doesn't need wheelbarrows of money to tell a compelling story.  We look forward, once again, to honoring them.

Could be you!
Good luck!  Break a reel!  Or a DVD!  Throw caution to the wind, but your back into it, put your heart into it, and good will come of it.

Happy New Year from DIY!


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Anonymous said...

Hi folks. It's nearly the middle of February, and you've yet to announce the exact date and location for your gala final in March--enquiring minds need to know! I plan to win a prize so I need to put a date in my calendar!!