Interview with Aidin Pedari, Director of "Day Off" Best World Cinema


1.     What was your first conscious memory you’d be making films at some point in your life?
2.     Why did you want to tell this particular story?
3.     Where was it made?
4.     Who contributed the most to the success of your film?
5.     If you could give advice to a filmmaker hesitating on picking up a camera to tell their story, what would it be?
6.     What films or filmmakers most influence you in your lifetime?
7.     What’s your next project going to be?

8.     Your acceptance speech for this film, what would you like to let people know about the film, about you, or about those who helped you in your journey in life?

1- When I was 10, my mother played in a movie directed by Abolfazl Jalili. It was filmed in a small city and they lived in a camp. I missed her, so I went there and spent a week . Incidentally, the film also had a poetic structure. They were filming with negatives. Putting time and planning fascinated me .this is how I love to be part of this.

2- Three years ago my dog was ill .Everybody in a family had tried to help her. But in that time, Doctors repeatedly said that the dog had pain. They insisted on making her die with an injection, but we decided to take care of her. But the time we are deciding whether to live or die, we decided that we make a good life for her in the  remaining time.

3- It was filmed in Tehran on 8-9 different locations . I know all the locations before and feel nostalgic.

4- My father studied political science in France, but he always aspired to be a filmmaker, but  none of his closest friends were in the field of artistic activity . When I told him my decision to make a film in Iran, he welcomed me and helped me  . He was also supported me  to pay my  education’s cost in Malaysia.

5- Film making need neither the money nor the camera or an actor ,the only thing is needed is passion. Those who have done important work in cinema, always risk.

6- It is a difficult question because  many filmmakers influence me, but Stanley Kubrick influence me a lot . Because Stanley Kubrick always makes something beyond the genre, creates a new genre just for him and the idea of video . Because of him , my film is very dependent on the image and I prefer to film by myself.

7- My next project would be a road movie .It will be out of the city and happen in a road. I think it will talking about a character who is a city monster .

8- Anyone around you, even the people who passed by influence your we should be careful to choose the circle of people around us. Of course, I also tried people I choose to be in  the line with my goals so  we are be able to help each other to achieve our goals 

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