Last year's DIY Film Fest winner about the Syrian refugee crisis "Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution"

Worth revisiting in light of the refugee crisis in Syria.

This was the DIY Film Festival's 2014 Best Film:

 "Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution" which is about the situation in Syria directed by Matthew VanDyke.  Shot on the streets of Syria, is a powerful look at the war up close, utilizing people filming on the war torn streets. (Advisory: there are graphic images)

It's worth watching this 14 minute powerful film which demonstrates how impossibly difficult it is to live in a war zone, and why so many people are just trying to escape to be able to live their lives.

The filmmakers have updated the footage, shot more, and are putting out their new film "7 Days in Syria" (this version directed by Robert Rippberger with journalist Janine di Giovanni) which Angeline Jolie has seen and is supporting with her endorsement.  We'll see if we can put up a trailer, or link to the new film when its available, but in the meantime, please take another look at this DIY Film Festival winner from last year's festival.  "Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution."