Congratulations to our 2017 Winners!!!!

We at the DIY Film Festival want to congratulate all of our filmmakers - those who completed films, those who submitted films, and those who've won their categories for our film festival.  We know how difficult it is to put dreams into film, and we honor all of you for making that decision to do so, and telling dramatic, funny or challenging stories about humanity. INTERVIEWS WITH THE WINNING FILMMAKERS CAN BE FOUND ON THE RIGHT PANEL (DIY Acceptance speeches!)

And the winners are: 


A still from "Birdman" by Yixing Li, Yixuan (Maisie) Luo

“Birdman” Co-Directors Yixing Li, Maisie Luo  This unique stop motion film tells an unusual yet moving story of an Icarus like boy who wants to fly.  With breathtaking animation, heartfelt filmmakers Yixing Li, Yixuan (Maisie) Luo bring their fantasy to life. The film was made by an ELS grant from Idyllwild Arts Academy foundation. A film that shows great promise for its filmmakers. (CHECK OUT THEIR INTERESTING INTERVIEW ON THE RIGHT PANEL)

From "Birdman" from the Idyllwild Arts Academy 

Ibrahim Nada for “Zaar” Student filmmaker Ibrahim Nada shows great dramatic promise in this film which features a young man on the brink of making a decision that will affect many lives, including ending his own. Something tragic has happened in his life, and he makes a decision to bring that tragedy onto a larger stage.  An excellent example of story telling that points to a larger truth. READ THE INTERVIEW WITH IBRAHIM ON THE PANEL TO THE RIGHT.

Ibrahim Nada, Director of "Zaar"

ZAAR Trailer from ibrahim nada on Vimeo.

"Waiting on Mary" 
Directed by Corey Horton. “An actor in denial of his recent divorce retreats into the persona of a colonial scout and explores his new futuristic landscape.” An actor (Nathaniel Harrison) catches his wife cheating, goes into a catatonic state as a result, and creates a world of denial with hilarious results.  Great premise for a film. See the panel to the right for an interview with the director Corey Horton 

Waiting on Mary Trailer from Nathaniel Harrison on Vimeo.

"Greetings from Tinseltown"
Directed by Joe Warren and Nat Frum. "In Hollywood, a junkie looking for his next fix and a stoner Uber driver explore the grimy underbelly of the iconic American neighborhood." Cynicism at its finest – what it’s like to drive an Uber type car in L.A.  Dark, cynical and hilarious fun. Here's the Acceptance Speech from Joe Warren on behalf of him and Nat Frum... see their interview on the side panel to the right

Greetings from Tinseltown from Joe Warren & Nat Frum on Vimeo.

"Cycle of Change" 
Directed by Sarah Frei. "Moved by the lack of opportunity for women and youth in her community Reina, a young woman from El Salvador ventures to Guatemala to study pedal-power technology in hopes of finding her life purpose and changing the lives of the people in her community." Film demonstrates what people can do with a few tools and some ingenuity. An amazing documentary about people bettering indigenous lives in through technology. PLEASE READ THE INTERVIEW WITH FILMMAKER SARAH FREI ON THE PANEL TO THE RIGHT.

"Save Gangamaya" 
Directed by Gopal Shivakoti (Nepal) "A mother and father in Nepal go on a hunger strike to get justice for the murder of their son.  The authorities refuse to provide it, but after a hunger strike causes the death of the father, they’re forced them to investigate.”  When their efforts flag, his widow goes back on a hunger strike, using the protest tool of Gandhi to force local media and leaders to finally hear her protest.  Hard to turn away from this mother's plea.

Save Gangamaya (Trailer) from Gopal Shivakoti on Vimeo.

Directed by Yixing Li, Yixuan Luo (Maisie)   
"A young man dreams of flying with his own wings. He builds a cottage, studies birds, repeatedly jumps off a cliff with artificial wings. But his last jump brings an unexpected result.” Brilliant stop animation shows how any story can grab the heart and soar when talent matches their vision. 

Still from "Birdman"


Directed by Ibrahim Nada "A suicide bomber enters a diner to blow himself up but as he listens and interacts with the innocent people around him, he begins to question his decision." Powerfully filmed and acted, Nada brings us to the edge of our seats with this searing drama about a man at the end of his rope.

"Day Off" 
Directed by Aidin Pedari (Iran). "A young pizza delivery man takes a day off to go out with his dying dog, then he faces surrealistic and poetic moments around him." Tragic and elegaic, filmmaker Pedari takes us on a heartbreaking tour of inner and outer beauty of his home town of Tehran.

Day Off Trailer (directed by aidin pedari) from Aidin Pedari on Vimeo.

"Confidence of a Tall Man" - Feature Film Drama
Directed by Michael McCallum
"On the 50th Anniversary of his father's failing business, Tommy has a lot on the line. He's hoping to get interested parties to take it off of his hands." Michael McCallum is a prolific filmmaker from the midwest, who brings another tale of blue collar woe to life, calling upon locals, friends and himself to populate his latest midwestern opus. INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL ON THE PANEL TO THE RIGHT.

Confidence Of a Tall Man - Teaser from Michael McCallum on Vimeo.

This year we're going to post filmmaker interviews with each of the DIY filmmakers that are available to do so, to share what their journey has been to complete their films, why they made this story, and how they feel about their finished projects.

As mentioned, each winner will be awarded a certificate from the DIY Film Festival, an editing package courtesy of Pinnacle Editing systems, and each film is eligible for digital distribution through KinoFilm, one of the best digital distributors out there. 

Stay tuned for more information and the interviews with the filmmakers!  

Congratulations to all of you!!!