The 2009 DIY MUSIC FESTIVAL will again be highlighted by a Feb. 2009 exclusive lunchtime showcase in Hollywood before some of the top music supervisors in the country and an invite-only dinner with top professionals. The luncheon will again by co-sponsored by Bug Music, North America's largest independent publishing company, home to such songwriters and catalogs as Johnny Cash, Bob Mould, Ryan Adams, Gram Parsons and Iggy Pop.

But don't let us tell you. Hear about it from last year's winners: To enter, register online at the right.

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THE 2008 NEW ENGLAND BOOK FESTIVAL has officially launched. Dedicated to the best books of the holiday season, with a major post-holiday campaign as one of the prizes. Register on the right side of the page.

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THE 2008 LONDON BOOK FESTIVAL has issued a call for entries to its annual program honoring books worthy of further attention from the international publishing community. Details on registration on the right side of this page.

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HOLLYWOOD (July 12, 2008) _ The 2008 Hollywood Book Festival has named Stan Lerner’s novel “Criminal” as the grand prize winner of its annual competition honoring books worthy of greater attention from the film, TV and multimedia industries.

A graphic but page-turning account of the rise to power of the world’s most calculating and dangerous man, “Criminal” is the story of Sam Noah, who will do whatever is necessary to achieve his ends.

Lerner’s saga of this mastermind of evil was honored during awards that were part of a weekend festival at The Grove at Farmers Market in Hollywood that featured author readings, live music, book publishing panels and children’s entertainment. The event was presented in conjunction with Barnes & Noble Booksellers.

Lerner’s victory earned him $1500 and a week-long stay at the Larimar St. Croix Writer’s Colony in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Other winners and honorable mentions for the 2008 Hollywood Book Festival:



WINNER: Insufficient Mating Material – Rowena Cherry


For The Children – Marin Thomas


WINNER: The Grandmaster – Peter Balaskas


Alpha Rising – GL Douglas

Strike at the Heart: The First Mission – Lawrence Berrie


WINNER: Seven Ox Seven – Peter Ritzer


WINNER: Black’s Beach Shuffle – Corey Lynn Fayman


WINNER:: They Poured Fire On Us From The Sky – Benson Deng, Alephonsion Deng and Benjamin Ajak with Judy Bernstein


Jacko: His Rise and Fall – Darwin Porter

The House of Many Faces – Konstantina Dimitra Mahlia

Crossing Hoffa – A Teamster’s Story – Steven Harper

The Misadventures of a Roving Cartoonist – Tom Gill/Tim Lasiuta

Little Miss Smarty Pants – Suzanne Koupoulis

Running From Coyote – Danalee Buhler

Love is a Four-Letter Word – Robert X. Leeds


WINNER: The Willow Falls Christmas Train – William Trombello


Legends of a King – Damian St. Clair

The Pink Dolphin – Laura Ambler and Mary Duncan


WINNER: Criminal – Stan Lerner


The Maximum Contribution – Rick Robinson

Stolen Boy – Michael Mehas

God Bless Mr. Devil – Andrew Davis

The Rose of York: Fall from Grace – Sandra Worth

Kastle Law – Chris Copeland

The Street Life Series: Is It Passion or Revenge? Kevin M. Weeks

Temple of the Two Jaguars – Edward Curry

Spa Deadly – Louise Gaylord

First, There Is A River – Kathy Steffen

The Happy Soul Industry – Steffan Postaer

We The People – B.L. Hyde

The Badger Game – Norman Shabel

The Street Sweeper – David Riviera, Jr.

Death in Advertising – Stephen Hawley Martin

The Woman Pope – Nelson Clark


WINNER: When The Mob Ran Vegas – Steve Fischer


Jesus Goes To Hollywood – William Bramley

Unlocking The Mystery of Skin Color – Thienna Ho

Las Vegas Weddings – Susan Marg

Twisted Confessions – Charles E. Skoller


WINNER: Archibald’s Swiss Cheese Mountain – Sylvia Lieberman/Jeremy Wendell


Stanley The Elephant – Stan Lerner

Monty The Traveling Cat – B.J. Moesner/Kevin Scott Collier

Mama, Are We There Yet? Rose Saposnek

Kendra Kandlestar and the Door To Unger – Lee Edward Fodi

There’s A Kid Under My Bed – Lisa Funari-Willever/Lon. A. Levin

Why The Dog Chases The Cat and the Cat Chases The Dog – K.L. Vaniko

Circus Fever – Alva Sachs/Patricia Krebs

Melinda: A Mostly Magnificent Moose – Daniel Burch Fiddler

Emerita – Cindy Mauro Reisenauer

The Great Willow – Michael Starr

Born To Dance – Katherine Reynolds

The Wiggle Jiggle Book – Kathy Patalsky

WeeBeasts, Book One: Origins – Micah Linton


WINNER: Surfer Girl - Penelope Dyan


Who’s Your Daddy? Lynda Sandoval

Parallel Worlds, Paraworld Zero – Matthew Peterson

Across Time: Mystery of the Great Sphinx – Dr. O.J. Harp III

The Great Book of the Universe – Colette Francis Ashton


WINNER: The 7th Order – Donald Hudec


WINNER: Fortune & Freedom: The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Success – Jim Hirshfield


Blood Moon’s Guide To Gay and Lesbian Films – Danforth Prince


WINNER:: The Passion of Maryam – Loren Woodson


Across Time: Mystery of the Great Sphinx – Dr. OJ Harp III

Voices Under Berlin – Mark Hooker

Alpha Rising – G.L. Douglas

The Passion of Maryam – Loren Woodson

Run Toward The Sun – Anton Haardt

The Digger’s Rest – K. Patrick Malone

Dealing With Divas: Shelley Anderson


WINNER: Your Final Diet – Abby Aronowitz

THE 2008 DIY BOOK FESTIVAL has issued the call for entries to its seventh annual competition honoring the best of independent and self-published work. Full details below and registration on the right side of this page.

THE 2008 HOLLYWOOD BOOK FESTIVAL will be held on Saturday, July 12 at the Grove at Farmers Market, one of the top dining, shopping and entertainment destinations in the heart of Hollywood. The event is presented in conjunction with Barnes & Noble Booksellers. Over 30,000 attendees are expected for the event, which spotlights books worthy of further attention from the film, TV and gaming community. Details at

DIY FILM FESTIVAL PROGRAMMING HEAD RICHARD MARTINI has posted his "Tibetan Refugee" film online in its entirety. The film is debuting on YouTube in five ten-minute sections, detailing the torture of journey of monks and children who were forced to flee Tibet a few years ago. "The film is available at Netflix and other sites, but I just felt for those who have an interest in hearing from the Tibetans themselves what kind of damage the Chinese are doing, they'd be able to check it out for free." The video is online at

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