Interview with Ken Webb, Director "Serious Laundry" Winner Best Comedy Feature 2018 DIY Film Festival!

Dear DIY,

Thank you so much for the recognition!  I'm honored and thrilled to accept this award for Serious Laundry!


Ken Webb

1.     What was your first conscious memory you’d be making films at some point in your life?
I don't have one. It just happened.

2.     Why did you want to tell this particular story?
Because I wanted to have a script I could direct. I wanted to make something fun, sexy and within a reasonable budget.

3.     Where was it made?
It was shot in New York City, Yonkers, NY and Narrowsburg, NY.

4.     Who contributed the most to the success of your film?
I'd have to say Hideki Shiota. Besides myself, he was the rest of the crew. We each did about 5 jobs. But, I couldn't have done it without him.

5.     If you could give advice to a filmmaker hesitating on picking up a camera to tell their story, what would it be?
Stop hesitating. Whatever you don't know, you can learn on youtube.

6.     What films or filmmakers most influenced your work?
Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen, Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, Ed Burns.

7.     What’s your next project going to be?
It's the story of a songwriter who goes to Asia. I feel that's all I should share at the moment.

8.     Your acceptance speech for this film, what would you like to let people know about the film, about you, or about those who helped you in your journey?
I'm very grateful for this award. This film's script has been sitting in my drawer for almost 20 years. I guess it was waiting for the technology to come along and allow me to produce it at a level I always saw it being. And with complete creative control. I am especially proud of the DIY title because I don't think a feature film could be made with less production staff than this one. With a pre-production crew of only myself and an on-set crew of myself plus Hideki... I accept this DIY award with great gravitas.

9.  What camera and editing system did you make this film with?
The film was shot with a Panasonic G6, Nikon primes with a Bolex anamorphot 16/32 anamorphic lens adapter. It was edited on FCP7.

  1. Have you ever tried Pinnacle products or tried online distribution?  (They are both sponsors, Pinnacle and FilmHub, so it’s helpful to hear from you about this kind of information.)
I haven't tried either. I'm curious to check them out.

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