DIY Book and Film winners at the Gala last March
HOLLYWOOD, Ca. (Sept. 25, 2013) _ The 2013 DIY Film Festival is now accepting entries for its 11th annual awards and screening series, part of the 2013 DIY Convention: Do-It-Yourself in Film, Music & Books in Los Angeles.

The DIY Film Festival honors the best of independent and self-produced films. Past winners have been able to get their films on Showtime and some have found a theatrical release. Submissions are accepted from countries around the world, culminating in our annual awards in Hollywood at the Roosevelt Hotel, home of the first Academy Awards.

Submissions to the 2013 DIY Film Festival must have been released after Jan. 1, 2011 and have been produced without multinational corporate backing. 
Categories include:
Cara Feinberg Accepting her award

Dramatic or Comedy or Documentary Features (over 30 minutes in length)
Dramatic or Comedy or Documentary Shorts (under 30)
Animated features and shorts
Student films, Experimental Films and/or Mocumentaries.

Winner Flavio Parenti accepting from Rome
Entries will be judged using the following criteria:

1) The sophistication and potential of the film to reach a larger audience; and

2) The unique use of DIY production tools to tell a compelling (dramatic or comedic) story that perhaps breaks boundaries of traditional story telling.

Information on the event and entry forms can be found at, or submitted through
Comedian Deep Roy accepting an award
Site of the First Academy Awards

The films should follow the paradigm of "Do It Yourself" filmmaking. This means no film studio or major corporation financed your film. We're a film festival that highlights and focuses on the ability to tell a good story, a moving story, an interesting story using the tools that are available to everyone. That being said, it's up to you how professional your film looks, or your story is. 

We firmly believe in artist Jean Cocteau's maxim "When the cost of making films is as much as a pencil and piece of paper, then we'll find true art."

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