It's that time again!

It's time for final submissions for the DIY Film Festival!!! (March 16th, 2018)
 Time is fleeting. Tempis Fugit.

Finalists will be announced within a few days after the 16th, and the winners will be announced towards the end of the month.
Clocks and bunnies. What gives?

Thank you all for submitted to our film festival, now in its 15th year!

Our submission period is coming to an end (March 16th, 2018) when Finalists will be Announced. (Winners to be announced a week later.)

What's that thing on his wrist? An analog clock?

This year again, we've had submissions from across the planet, and as a result of winners and finalist not being able to make a screening in Hollywood, we've gone completely online for our festival.

Online Film Festival? Meeow!
The DIY Film Festival Winners will be featured online with interviews about their process, how they came to be filmmakers, and why they made their film as well as any links to promotional material or the films themselves.

Winners are awarded an editing software package, courtesy of our friends at Pinnacle Editing Systems (A Corel industries product), are emailed a certificate suitable for framing along with a garland for their website, and are eligible for online distribution through our co-sponsor "A new way for film distribution."

We at the DIY Film Festival feature the best in Do It Yourself Filmmaking, and our filmmakers have gone on to success in the industry, including commerical directors, feature film directors and award winning filmmakers.  (see posts below)

We also try to highlight their work and careers, (see the links to the side of this page) and we try to follow the motto from avante garde filmmaker Jean Cocteau: "When the cost of filmmaking is as much as a pencil and piece of paper, then we'll find true art."

Please pick up your camera and find some art.

All hail DIY Filmmakers and Filmmaking!!!!  We salute  you!!!!  (And may the odds be ever in your... well, you know what we mean. "Film on!")

The End of the Journey...

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