Resources for the DIY Filmmaker

Resources for the DIY Filmmaker:

Every now and then we like to focus on those resources that are available to the DIY Filmmaker that help promote do it yourself filmmaking, do it yourself producing, and the brotherhood (and sisterhood) of filmmakers worldwide.  Here's a small sampling of resources available for the DIY Filmmaker.

Indie Film Resources:


Independent Filmmaker Project.

It's a program that filmmakers anywhere can sign up for, benefits include free screenings in New York and Los Angeles, sometimes events at Sundance, more more importantly is their resource page. 

Great advice on where to connect to with other filmmakers.

Money for Films:


There are a variety of places to raise funds for making your film from people who have been giving funds to filmmakers for years. Here are some of them:

Film Independent

Massive list of various grants orgs

Film Festivals


It's the easiest place to upload, or find out info on how to get your film into a festival. (Also how folks enter our festival).

Film funding:


Lots of filmmakers have turned to this. So can you.


Another version of Kickstarter.


Fund anything, including your wrap party.

Film distribution:

Kinonation (one of our sponsors!) They rock.

There's really no time like the present to take advantage of all these resources. And when you're done with your film, don't forget to submit it to our festival!!!!

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