The DIY Film Festival Gala 2015


The 2015 DIY Film Fest had a full house in Silver Lake at the Lyric Theater on Hyperion Avenue on March 6th.

The DIY cafe/theater in Hollywood

The Lyric Theater is a great setting for the DIY Film Festival, as everything that goes on within its walls is created, produced and put together by those who rent the space.  Appetizers and drinks were served to the crowd, which included all age groups, all aspects of filmmakers, from child actors to film distributors.

A mixed-aged audience on hand for some excellent films.
DIY Convention's and DIY Film Fest co-founder Bruce Haring in black.

Rich Martini DIY Fest co-founder
DIY Film Festival co-founder Richard Martini introduced the filmmakers as well as their winning shorts and animated films.  Clips were shown of the feature length films and trailers of the other winning entries. 

Dash Arnott and Jillian Armanante of "Kittens In a Cage" which won Best Comedy Feature

Film Director Jillian Armanante introduced members of her crew, including producer Dash Arnott who was joined by actors Rebecca Mozo and Erin Anderson.  Jillian spoke of the journey her film has taken, from inception to screen and how it's currently an ongoing online series. Their film won BEST FEATURE COMEDY.

The winner for BEST DIRECTOR and BEST FILM was Camille Delamarre, for his entry "LAST CALL" and intense look at the last moments of a US GI who has stepped on a land mine.

A message from Best Film Producer and Star of "Last Call" David Atrakchi came in from Paris. Camille is directing a feature film, the reboot of the "Transporter" series, and David sent a text from Paris that the festival had "made his day."

Billy Redieck, Jeremy McGovern of "Sweet Dreams"
Producer and Director of BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY "Sweet Dreams" Director Billy Redieck and writer Jeremy McGovern told the story behind their winning film. They went off to film the unlikely story of two brothers trying to break the world record of ice cream flavors, only to see all their film equipment stolen.  They dusted themselves off and stayed with their story, just as the two crazy brothers stayed with her mission, which was successful in making the most ice cream flavors in Guinness Book History.

Trent Dion Soto Director of "Among the Discarded"
Artist Trent Dion Solo told the powerful story of how a year earlier he had come out to Los Angeles, and begun his film which was based on a simple premise.  What would it be like to arrive in LA with only a toothbrush and a gopro camera and live on the streets of LA for a month?  He found a home in skid row, and as he put it, his desire to make a change resulted in the people of the street changing him. His film won the JURY PRIZE BEST DOCUMENTARY.

Riley and Jimmy
Young filmmakers Riley Beres and Jimmy Deschler accepted an award for "Hope For Their Own: An LA Story." It also deals with the subject of homelessness in Los Angeles, and examined it from the aspect of average families who are forced into homelessness for a variety of economic reasons, and how they're trying to cope.  17 year old Riley is still in high school, and this was her first award as a filmmaker. Their film won BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY.

Terra Forbes spoke on behalf of "Buffalo"
Michael McCallum's sister Terra spoke about how her brother had been using their father as a bit actor for a number of films, and finally got him to star in the best dramatic feature "Buffalo" the story of an aging cab driver who tries to reconcile his path and journey with a new driver he's supposed to train.  Weather prevented father and son from making the ceremony, but their presence was felt. "Buffalo" won BEST DRAMATIC FEATURE.

The team behind "Kevin, Take Two"
Alex Wroten spoke of the genesis of his film "Kevin, Take Two," making it as part of the "five minute film festival."  Film examines what it would be like if you could come back from the future and alter the past.  It's one in a clever style, and the starring actor Steven Krimmel (pictured above) was on hand to explain how he did the "split screen" dialog having a conversation with himself. His film won BEST COMEDIC SHORT.

Finally, Roger Jackson from Kinonation.com, an online distribution company spoke of how all the winning films are eligible for digital distribution with his company. Roger mentioned how impressed he was with their work, and how not to devalue their efforts by taking whatever first deal is offered to them; their work as artists continues on in trying to get their work into the world.  He pointed out that the world market has opened up considerably because of the Internet, and what might be popular in Eastern Europe or Asia, might have a completely different audience than expected.

Roger Jackson of Kinonation.com
All winning films are eligible for distribution from Kinonation.com and received editing software packages from Pinnacle Systems, a Division of Corel Inc.  

Pinnacle Video Editing SoftwareThank you Pinnacle and Kinonation!!! 

Various pix:

Riley Beres and Tren Dion Soto - both made films about LA streets.
Rebecca Mozo in "Kittens in a Cage"
"Sweet Dream" filmmakers
Tyne Daly in a cameo in "Kittens in a Cage"

Fest Goers

Filmmakers of "Among The Discarded" Producer/Editor Joshua Dragge, Director Trent Dion Soto
Congratulations to all the filmmakers!!!!

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