The Finalists Are Announced!!!!

The DIY Film Fest is pleased to announce this year's FINALISTS for the 2015


BUFFALO Directed by Michael McCallum

Moving story about an elderly Cab driver who has demons of his own that he must come to terms with while training a new cab driver.  Disarmingly simple, with the Director's Father in the title role, this story weaves a tale of heartbreak from the point of view of an old cab driver who doesn't have much reason to get up every day.  Role is reminiscent of Robert Duvall's work in its simplicity and honesty. Directed by Michael McCallum Trailer: 


"Saturdays or Sundays" by Ethan Knecht

Improvised feature film about a filmmaker and a teacher. His complaint is that “during the week she turns into this educational monster” but it just so happens that she cares deeply about her students, and those scenes are directed and shot in a way that we can't tell if these amazing children are acting or not.  Directed by Ethan Knecht:  Film Trailer. 

"BLACK AND BLUE" by Vincenzo Bertillo. 

A close up R rated look at a complex relationship between two young adults. A chat with filmmaker Bertillo. 

"LAST CALL" Directed by Camille Delamarre Trailer: 


Young French film director uses the latest techniques in digital filmmaking to help tell this powerful short story that's shot in the vein of "American Sniper."

"RAIN" by Shimon Machida

What if in the future our memories were place in the Internet Cloud? How would it affect who we are? Bio for Shimon Machida

"STASHBOX" by Isaac Burns & Simon Lansberg-Rodriguez

Two friends out in the desert looking for a box.  Why? Brings memories of Breaking Bad and includes a surprise ending.
Stashbox Film

"VALIANT" by Shyam Sundar Sengupta

An epic adventure helped with the use of miniatures.


"KITTENS IN A CAGE" from Stoic Entertainment

Hilarious comedic sendup of the B Movie "Girls in Prison" films. Trailer


"KEVIN, TAKE TWO" by Alex Wroten

What if you met yourself walking on the street?


"Die Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl" by Johannes Grenzfurthner 

Off beat world cinema comedy that takes place in the future, with "The Prisoner" meets "Sleeper"


"SWEET DREAMS" from Mattoid Entertainment

Two ice cream makers attempt to break a world's record. Documentary Feature.  Trailer:


"Hope For Our Own : An LA Story" by Riley Beres and Jimmy Deschler 

Two students take a trip with their cameras into homelessness in L.A. trailer  


"White Rock Boxing" by Laura Voltorta

Documentary feature about a boxing gym and its affect on all of those who train within it. Trailer


"THE EDGE OF THE WILD" by Gail Mallimson

A local community fights on behalf of a tiny butterfly in the San Bruno Mountains.  Trailer 


"Among The Discarded" by Trent Dion Soto

An artist decides to film his experience living 30 days in downtown LA's skid row among the homeless. Trailer

AMONG THE DISCARDED - Trailer from Among The Discarded on Vimeo.

"Dukha in Summer" by Cameo Wood

Filmmaker travels to Tuva to document every day life among the Tuvan people. Trailer:

"Expect Resistance" by Shane Burley

A journey into one man's battle with the bank over losing his home, expanded to the wider picture of the "Occupy WallStreet" movement that swept the nation. 

Expect Resistance Trailer from Shane Burley on Vimeo.

"Basta" by Gary Bergeron

Powerful indictment of the Catholic Church in Boston by one of its abuse victims. Trailer:


"THE LAST LEAF" by Gwyneth Christofell

Ah, to be the last leaf of summer. A short animated film.  Here is GC's "thank you."

  5. 6096 

"FIXATION" – by Jak Kerley

The trials and tribulations of love that borders on fixation. The ten minute film.

Fixation - Short Film from ShibbyPictures on Vimeo.

"THE STAR FISHING BOY" by Chuanshu Shi

Animated fairy tale about a boy who falls to Earth. Trailer

The Star Fishing Boy trailer from Chuanshu Shi on Vimeo.

"MONSTER" by Patrick Fatica

Animated short film about a creature in the woods. Trailer

Trailer for MONSTER from Patrick Fatica on Vimeo.

Congratulations to all you DIY Filmmakers!!!!  We salute you and appreciate your entering our festival.  The Finalists have been notified, and the Winners will be announced on the night of March 6th.  Good luck to all of you filmmakers with your films, and keep the DIY Flag waving high!

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