DIY Film Festival Gala

We'll be celebrating the DIY Film Fest this year at our annual gala at the Roosevelt Hotel on March 8th in Hollywood.

Stay tuned for how to get tickets to the gala where we will be showing a smattering of short films and excerpts of the feature films.  We have a full slate and some terrific films and are just gathering together all the final elements that come into the festival..  The deadline for submissions has come to an end for this year's festival, however, if you've submitted your film after the deadline, never fear, it will roll into the following year's festival.

We here at the DIY Film Fest are grateful for your hard work and submitting your film to the festival, and encourage you all to continue to wave the flag of DIY Filmmaking - we are no longer limited by our ability to make films, only by our imagination.  "When the cost of making a film is as much as a piece of paper and a pencil, then we will find true art." Filmmaker Jean Cocteau

Finalists will be announced this weekend and thanks for stopping by!!!!

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