Hi All, I'm in contact with the management at Withoutabox.com - which is a feat unto itself!  Now that they're owned by IMDB which is owned by Amazon, it really is the one stop shop for the DIY filmmakers.

Just a note about DIY Distribution - if you're not aware of createspace.com - it's something to check into.  You follow their fairly simple instructions and submit a DVD of your film which they digitize and can offer as streaming video.  Of course it's up to you to advertise, promote, sell and otherwise wave the flag of your film high.  But while you're waiting to sell it to a larger studio concern, your friends and family can purchase the DVD and have it on their tv in a day or two.

Create space is www.createspace.com - We contacted them here at the DIY Film Festival to see if they wanted to be listed as an Ad on our website - but they're not up and running in that area at the moment, still trying to manage content.  But I can recommend their business model - it makes sense.  Just make sure you own all the rights to the music, to the content, to the visuals etc from your film - and have all the permissions necessary before listing it.  A fairly simple process - it's a way for DIY filmmakers to make money from their film while its in the festival circuit - and at a screening you can stand up and announce "Go to my web page if you want a copy!" and provide a link to your product.

Make sense?  To sign up with Amazon.com to supply content, go to their Advantage Account.  But if you sign up with CreateSpace.com and provide the content, they'll provide the package, and instantly offer the film as a streaming video - for whatever price you decide.  Don't forget to thank us at Oscar time.

Long live the DIY Film movement!!!!  (why the shots of Rome? Perche no?)

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