Singing the praises of Withoutabox.com

For Filmmakers

A worldwide audience for your films

— Discover more than 5,000 festivals across six continents
— Securely submit films, forms, & fees online to 850 festivals
— Promote your films to over 57 Million fans on IMDb
— Upload screenplays, trailers, clips, posters, & photos
— Get the latest on fests, competitions, & exhibition opps
— Self-distribute on DVD, VOD, & streaming video


Hi DIY Filmmakers.. just wanted to take a moment to sing the praises of Withoutabox.com - one of those great ideas we all wish we had, which was then bought by IMDB.com (another great idea from a film buff who lived in Switzerland - I spoke to him once) which was sold to Amazon.com - ...

okay, so it's part of a larger culture of owning everything that's out there.. the googalage of the universe! 

But it is pretty easy to sign up and get your film into a festival.  Soon we'll add the feature that allows you to upload your work to our festival.. But now Withoutabox allows you to upload your film, and sell it through amazon.com (www.createspace.com) with just a few clicks.

Then its up to you to market and sell it - which is the future of distribution. Anyways, here's the front page of Withoutabox.com - pretty much says it all.  So it's also a way of saying, "when you're making your film, think for a moment where you want it screened. In festivals? Would you like to find your audience on your own and sell it that way?  Try to imagine in advance where you'd like it to appear... and that will help dictate where you're going to submit it." 

Just a tip of the day from your friends at the DIY Film Festival.

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