The DIY Film Festival is on the air!

Welcome to the DIY Film Festival...

We are an online festival that features the best in do it yourself filmmaking.

It was the filmmaker Jean Cocteau who pointed out, "When the cost of filmmaking is as much as a pencil and a piece of paper, then you'll find true art."
The elusive Oscar

This is our 15th year in highlighting the best in DIY Film and Filmmakers from around the world.

Our filmmakers submit films from across the globe, and we are proud to say that we've had films from filmmakers in India, Iran, Israel, South Africa, Ukraine, South America, North America, Asia, Canada... and across the 50 states.

They're wondering when you'll pick up a camera.
We're a festival that focuses on great story telling. We emphasize telling a story, having a beginning, middle and end and a premise for the story, as well as a passion for why someone is telling it.  We've had innovative films from animators, from men, women and children across the globe - we try to highlight those films and filmmakers who've found a way to overcome the obstacles to make their vision.

Please look to the right of this page for interviews from some of our filmmakers around the globe.  They talk about why they picked up a camera, why they wanted to tell their story, and gave us an opportunity to highlight their work.

Special thanks to Roger Jackson at FilmHub, an online distribution delivery system that all of the winners of the festival are able to take advantage of, as well as Pinnacle editing systems, which has been sponsoring our festival for years with their great beginning edit systems.

We're glad to be back on the air, and gearing up for this year's festival!  Thanks for submitting your films through - as they are the only source we use to put together our slate.

Our 2018 Best Film, see interview to the RIGHT --->
Please look to the posts below to get a sampling of some of the films and filmmakers who've submitted in the past... and may the DIY Filmmaker's Flag always fly high!